QuickBooks Desktop – Infusionsoft DataSync FAQs added from an actual email exchange

We are interested in using QuickBooks Desktop DataSync for Infusionsoft (hopefully you can guide us on which one is best for us). I have a few questions about the functionality to see if it will work for us:
– Will manual payments be recorded (cash, check etc)?

Yes, any payments in Infusionsoft will sync into QuickBooks Desktop as a Received payment.

– If payments in Infusionsoft are back dated, will this be reflected in Quickbooks?

Yes, the payment date in Infusionsoft is sent over in QuickBooks as the payment date for the Received Payment.

– If a subscription is created how will this display in Quickbooks? (E.g. we sell a $24k product in 3 $8k payments. We would like an order to be created for the total value of $24k and then each payment of $8k to be credited against that order until it is fully paid.)

As the subscriptions become invoiced, it is the invoices that are synced in to QuickBooks – so it works for one-time as well as subscription based sales.  The payment is always associated with the customer in QuickBooks Desktop.

– What happens if an order in Infusionsoft is refunded / cancelled? Will this be fully reflected in Quickbooks?

Yes, refunded orders are synced as Credit Memos in QuickBooks Desktop

– What happens if an order is changed after the fact (e.g. order total, 1-off payment vs subscription, client details etc)? Are all edits synced back to Quickbooks?

Yes, updates to invoices and additional payments are synced back into QuickBooks Desktop.
There is a 7-day fully functional trial account at https://infusionsoft.echoware.net.

In order to sync financial information such as invoices, payments and credits, select the ‘Financials’ option.

Yes, we connect to QuickBooks Desktop!

Yes, you can sync QuickBooks Desktop Customers, Items, Sales Orders, Invoices, Payments, Returns and Credits.

Yes, you can sync in both directions.  

No, you won’t have to export or import anything.

No, you won’t have to create a custom map or waste time fiddling to get it work.

Yes, it will sync automatically.

If you started with QuickBooks Desktop – the version you install on your own computer, you know you don’t have as many options to connect to hosted solutions as QuickBooks Online users. But you’ve already paid for your accounting system, and why switch to QuickBooks Online to pay every month for what you have now?

Your-Brand-IdeaWe heard you ask for years if there’s a way to automatically add customers, invoices, sales orders, items, payments, returns and credits.  We also heard you ask how can I get information out of QuickBooks easily where I don’t have spend weeks setting up a custom map and pay all that extra money and time.

We want you to know that you can unlock the connection to your QuickBooks Desktop account easily and quickly. Our (GROWING) product family of QuickBooks Desktop Datasyncs includes:

You may ask why are we solving the QuickBooks Desktop connection problem now in 2017? QuickBooks Desktop is notoriously difficult to create a general solution to and we had to resort to using A.I. techniques – the foundation of EchoWare. It took a bit longer, but we got it right.

Yes, we connect to QuickBooks Desktop and A.I. makes is easy.

Trying EchoWare QuickBooks Desktop Datasync to save time, money and aggravation, and unlock your QuickBooks Desktop data today by clicking on one of the links listed above.  

If you have another system you need to connect to, tell us about it (email to info@echomessaging.com) – it may be the next member of the family!

Integration Explained

Integration, Data Sync, Connect, Combine, Merging, Linking, Melting, Consolidating, Fusing, Oneness, Assimilate, Commingling, Communicate, Syncing, Mixing, and probably another 100 words meaning the same thing,

Not easy to wrap our heads around.

When software companies create programs that do great things, most of these programs include an Application Program Interface (API) to allow their system to sync with other systems that also supply an API. Sounds easy enough so far. Now here comes the hard part.

Systems are complex with tens of thousands of lines of code written in many different coding languages depending on usage and the programmers expertise. Obviously, the API’s written by the programmers from any two companies will vary significantly in their design.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program such as Infusionsoft will be designed and programmed to best serve marketing needs while an accounting system such as QuickBooks will be designed and built to best fill financial needs.

Both have API’s designed to connect their system with others, but it is like one is written in English and the other is written in French. Both good languages, but a translator is needed to communicate between them. This connecting software is usually created by a separate software developer writing code in yet another language.

A perfect solution is to use a middleware program. This is a program that is written to “talk” to both program API’s separately and then direct data to the correct end points.

For more info on middle ware and how it can help you “Bring Systems Together”